Why this sweepstakes?

When we developed the Pro Membership Sweepstakes, it was because we were tired of seeing raffles and other giveaways end up with the odds being tipped in the favor of the people who could afford to buy the most tickets. It happened at our local Rocky Mountain Elk FoundationDucks Unlimited, and just about every banquet we went to. We wanted to develop a sweepstakes that was fair to everyone and we have done this with the Pro Membership Sweepstakes. Every entrant has 5 tickets in every drawing.

How does this sweepstakes work?

You can sign up by paying for your annual membership fee here on the website. That fee is $349 if you pay annually or $32 per month if you choose the monthly option. You will automatically be enrolled for the full year and will have 5 tickets in all 36 drawings for the year. We do drawings every month on the 10th, 20th, and 30th of the month. The equates to $2 per ticket and that doesn’t include all the other benefits with your membership.

What is included with my membership to Pro Membership Sweepstakes?

There are lots of benefits! 1) You will get 5 tickets in all 36 grand prize drawings we do throughout the full year of your membership. 2) You will get an annual digital subscription to Eastmans’ Hunting and Bowhunting Journal. 3) First shot notifications that we receive from outfitters on discounted trips. 4) Invitations on discounted trips to travel with the Pro Membership team and be part of the production. 6) We are adding more benefits all the time.

How do you pick the prizes that you give away

We did Sportsman’s News for the past 15 years and have been to hundreds of different operations to evaluate them. We have a huge network of friends in this industry as well. So, we have picked the very best outfitters in the industry and since we have been to their operations, we know when the best dates to travel are and what gives us the best chance for success. We pick these prizes for our giveaways.

Are these discounted trips that you give away?

No way! Totally the opposite. Every outfitter has those premium dates which are usually reserved for repeat customers that come back a lot and spend money with them. Those dates are usually booked up a year or two in advance if you can even get one. We have paid full price for these premium dates with the best outfitters, and since we are filming and doing marketing for them, we provide way more than even a good repeat customer. We have some hunts reserved for 3 years.

How do I find out who wins these drawings?

We film every one of the drawings that we do so that you can see the process. We welcome people to come by the office when we do them on drawing days so they can experience the excitement in person. Once the drawing is completed, my team will post the drawing and you will receive notifications via text that we have just completed a drawing and you can watch it unfold to see if you are the lucky winner.

How often do you have a prize drawing?

We do these every 10 days on the 10th, 20th, and 30th of every month (except February and that is the 28th). Every one of our members says it is a great thing to look forward to when all of the other state drawings are done.

What is the best prize you give away?

This is a hard question to answer because everyone has different desires. We try our best to have a good mix of trips. The highest dollar trip ever given away was a $60,000 Desert Bighorn Sheep hunt. There is a full list of prizes we will be giving away over the next 12 months as well as a lot of past winners and trips on the site. Check them out.

What are my odds of winning?

This number changes all the time with new members being added. We are currently around 2,400 members (and adding quickly) which would make your odds 2,400/1. I announce the numbers on a regular basis when we do the drawings to keep everyone informed. Our goal was to always keep the odds as good as possible and still keep offering first-class trips. The membership will never exceed 2,500 members and when we get there, there will be even more prizes and those wishing to join will be added to a waiting list on a first-come-first-served basis.

Do you give away anything else other than the prizes listed?

We always give away a major grand prize on these days and those are always listed. However, we usually do 4-8 bonus prizes with each drawing. These consist of lots of different things like binoculars, knife setsbackpacks, calls and decoys, guns, etc. We want to see as many winners as possible and it is exciting to talk with all our lucky winners.

How long is my membership good for?

Your membership is for one full year from the day you sign up. This gives you tickets in all 36 drawings over the next 12 months.

If I win something, do I still have 5 tickets in every drawing?

Yes, we do new tickets for each and every drawing and since you have 5 tickets in every drawing, even if you win a grand prize or a bonus prize, you still have tickets in the drum giving you an opportunity to win multiple prizes in one drawing.

Has anyone ever won more than one grand prize?

Yes, there have been three different winners who have won twice and one member who has won three grand prizes since inception of the sweepstakes.

How can I improve my odds of winning?

We have a referral program that every Pro Member can utilize to increase their odds. For every three members who sign up using your referral code, you receive an additional five tickets in each of the drawings for as long as your three members remain active. We also offer referral only drawings for trips and gear just for those members who refer new members for the specified time period of that referral bonus. There is no limit to how many people you can refer or how many extra tickets you can earn. We additionally offer special drawings for those loyalty members who have maintained at least three (3) years of continuous membership.