Zeiss LRP S5

Review with Michael Deming

November 16, 2022

The Zeiss LRP S5 is a high performance, long-range riflescope that comes packed with exclusive features that riflescopes of a lesser quality fail to include.

It comes equipped with Zeiss’s Fluoride lens elements and SCHOTT glass which greatly mitigates color dispersion and removes color fringing around the edges to eliminate image blur – this results in a brilliantly vivid image with outstanding color contrast and resolution. The LPR S5’s turrets have also been optimized for long-range accuracy; they feature a larger design for easy operation even when wearing gloves, and produce audible and tactile clicks for precise, repeatable adjustments. The elevation turret is outfitted with Zeiss’s own Ballistic Stop, while the windage turret utilizes a push-to-lock, pull-to-unlock feature – allowing the user to maintain the original zeroing after making adjustments in the field. In addition to its impressive optical and mechanical qualities, the LPR S5 is equipped with the advanced ZF-MOAi reticle in the first focal plane. This reticle was designed with long range hunters in mind and has been optimized for the most challenging shots both on the range and on the field. The ZF-MOAi reticle is composed of a precise 0.25 MOA free floating center dot sitting atop a “Christmas Tree” of 1 MOA hash-marks for elevation and 2 MOA dots for windage, as well as numbers to serve as a fast visual reference.